day #30

I have written song number 30!

Although the project is technically done through the weeks it has become a part of something bigger. I am looking forward to listen back to the songs and to continue working on them. Maybe I come up with a new challenge, because I realized that certain rules and deadlines are like rocket fuel for my creativity.

This was fun people and I’m happy and proud!!




Finish Line!

Tonight I’m going to write my last song of the 30days 30songs project. Although it took a little longer I’m still happy and proud that we did it!

What a trip!!

The vital agile energy from the first days, the difficult moments when I just didn’t want to write or felt so tired that I was convinced nothing creative could come out of me. The inspiring and super focussed hours while writing with other people and sharing our songwriting experiences. I am so grateful for all of this!



day #29

Wow! I’m nearly finished!!

Song #29 is a sleepy one. Late in the evening with a few glasses of wine and bit of a blurry concentration. I’m not sure if this is going to become a good one but I did show up!

day #28

Morning writing.

Actually I like both. Morning and evening.  Writing in the morning and writing at the end of the day have a very different feel.

In song #28 I made no effort to make an interesting vocal line and just followed my voice to where it wanted to go. That was a good lesson because the melody line turned out nicely and isn’t boring at all. Being boring is something I’m afraid of but I realize that by trying to be interesting it actually becomes boring. Once again…the same as in real life I guess.

day #26

Day #26 and I REALLY didn’t feel like writing. But I think it’s good to sometimes do things that you don’t wanna do. If it’s not too often. Otherwise you loose the feeling of what you love to do…at least I do.

Well I did get a reward. The song turned out pretty well 🙂

day #25

The 25th song is an uptempo one and while scrolling through garageband for a different vocal effect I found a nice one I hadn’t used before. The preset is called “male rock vocals” but on my voice it sounds more like I am standing in a bathroom…still it worked pretty good for this song!

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 5.16.12 PM

day #24

Today I wrote in the evening because I was working all day.

The song turned out okay but I realized that I don’t have that sparkling kind of creativity when I’m tired. Of course it’s pretty obvious that things turn out better (most of the times…)  when you are not too tired but I hadn’t been very aware of that concerning my songwriting.


day #23

Today I got inspired by a tutorial about fragile and strong chord progressions.
I tend to use only the strong ones and I start to get bored of them because they can be very predictable.

I’m still experimenting with the vocal melody thing.


day #22

Vocal melodies were hard today.

Somehow I tend to sing too much. Too many variations…and I have an extreme tendency to finish my melodies on the 5 of the chord. Which sounds nice but gets very boring after a while. On the other hand when I start to construct a melody on the piano to avoid the ever present 5 the melodies sound mechanic and boring too…
I guess this is a good realization and I’ll let you know when I’ve found a solution.